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Copyright Counselors is a trusted partner offering specialized commercial legal services in the niche world of art and entertainment.

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A Blend of Law, Commerce, and Creativity

Our unique expertise in legal, commercial, and creative fields positions us perfectly to guide artists, entertainers, and creative industries through the intricate maze of commercial law. We have it covered, from contract negotiations and copyright issues to transactional matters.

Here's what we offer to secure your creative journey:

Contract Drafting & Reviews: Skillfully crafting and reviewing your agreements to ensure they align with your best interests and protect your creative rights.

Intellectual Property Rights: Helping secure copyright, trademarks, and patents to safeguard your creativity and providing robust defense in infringement cases.

Negotiations & Dispute Resolution: Effective commercial strategies, straightforward advice, and fierce advocacy to bring you the best possible outcomes.

Licensing & Distribution: Strategizing the effective commercialization of your artistic creations.

Risk Management & Compliance: Guiding you through legal considerations in the creative world to mitigate risks and ensure regulatory compliance.

At Copyright Counselors, we understand that your creativity is your livelihood - that's why we work diligently to provide legal support that protects your creative endeavors and enables them to thrive.

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