Intellectual Property Protection

At Copyright Counselors, we combine a passion for art and entertainment with legal expertise to provide unparalleled services in the field of Intellectual Property Law.

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Leading Legal Services For Creative Minds

As seasoned Art and Entertainment Law experts, we deeply understand the unique challenges creative industries and individuals face. Whether you are an artist, musician, designer, filmmaker, or part of an innovative organization, our specialized team is committed to protecting your imaginative works and rights.

We offer comprehensive legal services to safeguard what's born out of your creativity:

Copyright Registration and Litigation: To ensure your work receives the protection it deserves, freeing you to focus on your craft.

Trademark Services: Helping you build your brand identity and defend it fiercely.

Brand Protection: Experienced Amazon brand enforcement, distribution agreements and brand gating.

Patent Acquisition and Defense: Securing and preserving the value of your unique inventions.

Trade Secret Protection: Helping businesses define, identify, and safeguard their trade secrets.

Contract Review and Negotiation: Ensuring your contracts serve your best interests.

Copyright Counselors believe that protecting your creative endeavors and intellectual assets is more than a legal requirement. It's about fostering an environment where creativity can thrive without fearing losing what you worked hard to create.

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